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 M.A.G Players Wanted

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PostSubject: M.A.G Players Wanted   Thu Apr 02, 2009 1:58 pm

Well, MAG is soon to be released, say a number of sites. I'd like to fill an 8-man squad of EGC members. I'm thinking for ground troops, perhaps two snipers, five assault gunners and a medic, if medics are introduced. It's a nice balance of long-range, highly powerful attackers and not as effective but strong force up front, and the medic keeps the front men healthy.

As for vehicles, two pilots, two tank operators, three APC drivers and a reconnaisance soldier. That's also a nice balance of air-to-ground support, heavy attack tanks with the support of APCs, and a recon man to make sure the road ahead is clear.

Another thing. MAG is a game which requires CONSTANT communication. Clear communication too. I would recommend using the method of speech the military uses. It's easy to understand when heard.

For example.

Instead of saying "Help! I need some help at a building at a junction near that spire thing!", you should be descriptive what you need.

If I was in that situation, I'd say "Avelore to command, I need immediate air support. Location, building beside North-west Spire, target will be painted."

I used the term painted because if MAG has it as well, the military use a laser to pinpoint targets for airstrikes sent by either AC-170 Gunships, A-10a Tankbusters, B-2 Spirits or B-52's, or other aircraft.

It's terms like this that'll be really helpful. Because it is being descriptive, clear, and using terms that can't be mistaken for something else, you'll get a sure response with what you get.

But anyway, back on topic. We need about 8 people to get MAG to put up a formidable force. Who's in?

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PostSubject: Re: M.A.G Players Wanted   Mon Apr 06, 2009 5:47 pm

I'll join up when it comes out, i'm thinking the game is gonna be sweet.
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M.A.G Players Wanted
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