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 MAG Information

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PostSubject: MAG Information   MAG Information Icon_minitimeFri Apr 10, 2009 12:43 am

MAG Information MAG_Logo

This thread will be kept updated about the game Zipper announced at
E3. As of right now its being called "Massive Action Game" although it
is possible that it is a placeholder name until a final name is chosen. Time will tell.

Gameplay Information:
• 256 players
• 8 player squads
- Each squad has separate objectives to complete
- Inspiration from real life military operations• Lead by people who are "proven" to be good leaders
- Squad Leaders vs Even higher Chains of Command
• Character advancement tree to fine-tune your character
- Character development is about customization, personalizing, and specializing
- Not a linear progression benefiting the player (ex. not like COD, Battlefield)
• Medal/Award system will be in place
• Vehicles including ground and air combat
• Set in the near future, 10-20 years
- Many weapons in the game are weapons currently in experimental/testing phases
• Long Term Goals• Action Shooter at its core
• Strictly multiplayer
- Online only

General Information:
• Zipper has been working on the game for about 3 years
- Created a brand new server architecture to make the number of players possible in game at once
• Graphically Impressive (Look at the In-Game Screenshot in the "Images" Section below)
• Will NOT carry the SOCOM franchise name (Confirmed via PlayStation Blog) & (Confirmed via Abigale)
2009 Release -> Sony confirms MAG for '09 (Press Release via Wired)
"Groundbreaking large scale combat, intimacy of 8-player squad combat, and character growth"

Will carry the SOCOM name• Name change to MAG: Shadow War
• Three warring factions (Hammer, Raven, Sver)
- 3 Confirmed, possibly more?
• Map Locations - Spain, France, Russia, Kazakhstan, Egypt
• Possible Pay to Play online? One time fee or subscription.
• Currently in Pre-Alpha Testing


MAG Information MAG_FirstInGame
Click on these to see them bigger!

MAG Information Th_kennicott_firstperson_street_sever1MAG Information Th_kennicott_flycam_airdrop_streetMAG Information Th_kennicott_flycam_airdrop_wideMAG Information Th_kennicott_flycam_rooftop_sever1MAG Information Th_kennicott_flycam_rooftop_sever2MAG Information Th_kennicott_flycam_street_raven1MAG Information Th_kennicott_flycam_street_raven2MAG Information Th_voz_flycam_raven_group_docksMAG Information Th_voz_island_beauty_shotMAG Information Th_voz_flycam_sver_raven_battle_docksMAG Information Th_voz_flycam_sever_group_docksMAG Information Th_voz_flycam_raven_pipe

MAG Information Th_raven_logo_FINAL_cropMAG Information Th_sver_logo_FINAL_crop
MAG Information Th_character_1MAG Information Th_character_2MAG Information Th_character_3MAG Information Th_character_4MAG Information Th_character_5

Concept Art!
MAG Information Th_concept_mag_kennicott_mine
MAG Information Th_concepet_mag_cosmodromeMAG Information Th_concept_mag_panama_military_academyMAG Information Th_concept_mag_sub_base
MAG Information Th_concept_mag_panama_military_base
Latest Update from Zipper:

Hello, All-
At long last, information about MAG will now begin to trickle out to you!
Details on MAG will begin to emerge, starting today! Be sure to bookmark www.magshadowwar.com and check there regularly for new details.
will be some things there for you to figure out for yourself. We hope
you enjoy that and all that we have planned for you over the coming

We are looking forward to hearing more of your feedback and discussions here on the MAG Forum!

(Posted 4/7)


E3 MAG Presentation, ok quality (Video Starts at 84:11)
E3 Trailer Only (Gametrailer SD, no HD yet)
GameSpot Interview (Interview with Andy from Zipper)


Insider Describes the World of Sony's MAG (*Rumors/Unconfirmed)
PlayStation Blog (First Look at MAG) - 7/22 (Reveals first in-game Screenshot)
Official MAG Website

Thanks to:

Vanila Gorila for Presentation video link.
red1126 for Gamespot interview link.
Naustradamus for factions image.KIT-_-KAT for SOCOM relationship link.
Stormtrooper501 for maps image.
Playstation Forums US for this thread.

Click My Siggy!
MAG Information EGCSignature
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PostSubject: Re: MAG Information   MAG Information Icon_minitimeThu Apr 16, 2009 6:23 am

ok, I need this
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MAG Information
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